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Among the qualities that distinguish me are:

(*) Proactive, Responsible, Punctual, Efficient, Creative, Humble, Neat, Respectful, Sincere.
(*) I can perform work within a structured and orderly environment where teamwork is valuable to achieve any stated objective.
(*) I express with clarity and fluency before any public and / or audience to which it is exposed.
(*) I work efficiently under pressure, which implies that at the moment of making a decision I do it with serenity and firmness immediately.
(*) I have clear and precise knowledge in technologies: JAVA, JSF, JSP, CSS, Javascript, C ++, C, PHP, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, BOOTSTRAP, PRIMEFACE, JBOSS, GLASSFISH, and others.
(*) I perform tasks within the educational area at University level in the different curricular units to which I can be assigned.
(*) Willing to learn and be educated in any area of ​​Social, Technological and / or Scientific knowledge.
In short, I am a professional with integral training that is suitable for professional ethics, in the conceptualization and construction of technological and scientific technological products in harmony with the preservation of the environment and the progress of its environment, applying the knowledge to participate in the administration Of computer projects under standards of quality and social relevance, in addition to selecting, assembling, configuring and maintaining computer equipment and interpreting the data model to be implemented and operationally maintained in existing databases.


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Grupo Empresarial de Tecnología y Medicina 2010.

Functions: Manage non-functional requirements and functions to define the Software Architecture, in addition to selecting the Technology (JSP, JSF, PHP, OTHERS) to use. Continuous improvement of Architecture, Leader and Trainer, Quality Assurance. Senior Developer.

SISVENCORP C.A (Asis Consultores)

Development of web applications related to financial, statistical, and tributary systems, under the following technologies: CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, Jquery, PHP 6, YII Framework, HTML 5, Mysql, Ajax.


Functions inherent to the coordination, evaluation, development of web applications and information management systems.

Consultores Mi Corp C.A

Develop multi-platform information management systems.

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